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Corporate Law



Advice on the creation and management of companies. In particular, it includes the most appropriate tax and legal planning in accordance with the characteristics of each client. Counseling includes, among others, mergers, acquisitions, financing operations, shareholders' agreements, technology transfers, investments, restructuring and reengineering of companies.

Exports and imports


The legal, contractual and tax advice to our clients interested in doing business outside Chile. This consultancy includes all the regulations related to foreign trade, such as Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), trade agreements, double taxation agreements and advice on banking and financial matters. In particular, it focuses on issues related to alternative dispute resolution systems.

Foreign investment


Legal advice to foreign companies interested in doing business in Chile. It includes, in particular, the most appropriate tax and legal planning in accordance with the characteristics of each client. In addition, it advises to the Foreign Investment Committee, the Central Bank of Chile and other Chilean authorities.

Tax and Customs Law


Advice related to income tax, sale of company, value added (VAT) and land ownership. The advice includes the representation of its clients in the obtaining of interpretations or special rules, tax refunds and tax claims and in judgments related to any of the aforementioned matters before the Internal Revenue Service (SII), the Courts of Appeal and Court Supreme. Likewise, defense and advice on imports and tariff trade.

Labor law

Advice and permanent assistance in legal and regulatory matters of labor law in Chile. Counseling includes the preparation of employment contracts for national and foreign personnel, such as drafting of settlements, calculation of compensation and provisional advice. Counseling also includes union negotiations and with workers' organization and the representation of the client before the Labor Inspectorate and the courts of the Republic.

Real estate law


Advice in the evaluation and development of real estate projects, acquisition of land, construction contracts and specialties and the commercialization of property and real estate co-ownership. The advisory services include matters related to the General Law on Urban Planning and Construction, regulatory plans, expropriations, Municipal Revenue Law, operating permits, closure decrees, granting or rejection of patents, and the filing of jurisdictional actions These matters.  


Procedural law

It includes representation and defense in court of its clients in matters of civil, commercial, arbitral, real estate, labor and municipal.



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